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lelebloom 06-06-2018 01:37 PM

Complete Low Cost Fertilizer: Bokashi?
Hello, I am trying to create an effective low cost fertilizer. for my DWC bucket.
I would like to know what do you think about these.

What about Bokashi Liquid? Should these contains enough NPK and minerals besides the bacteria?

I tried at the beginning with vermicompost but I saw that is not enough.
I don't understand...
Shouldn't the vermicompost contain all the nutrients from foodscraps?

That is why I am trying with Bokashi. I believe this should contains many nutrients right? I mean if you macerate comfrey you get quite enough N, so if you macerate a lot of food scrap and then you diluite it you should get a lot of NPK no ? Is it different the maceration from the liquid drain of Bokashi fermentation?

Thank you all!

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