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palm 02-02-2009 02:45 AM

science project with hydroponics
Hi I am a sixth grade student in Palm Beach, Florida. I am doing a science project with hydroponics. Do you have any advise?

Ron 02-02-2009 02:45 AM

First go buy any kind of plant at the store or jerk up one of your parents plants.
Connect two 5 gallon buckets or smaller ones like 1 gallon paint buckets with a short piece of hose.
Take your plant and wash all the dirt from the roots and place it in one of the bucket with ether wood chips, lava rocks, pea gravel, perlite as your medium.
Mix up a weak solution of what ever water soluble fertilizer you want like Miracle-Gro or Petters in the empty bucket Make sure the bucket with the plant is higher than the bucket you are mixing the solution in.
Now when you raise the solution bucket higher than the plant bucket it floods the medium and plant roots with solution
As soon as it is finished flooding then sit the empty bucket down lower than the plant bucket and then the solution will drain back to the empty bucket.
Raise and lower the solution bucket about every 30 minutes or so until your science project is over.
More pictures of easy gardens, A - B

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