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Mattm 09-14-2013 03:01 PM

Jalapeno and Poblano setup
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This is a small NFT Jalapeno and Poblano pepper setup. I seeded all peppers on May 26, 2013. Poblanos took a long time to germinate and look good but are half the size they should be. Jalapenos have done great and have an excellent flavor to them, this particular seed is supposed to be 5000 scoville units hotter than the normal jap and I can taste it. I moved my small trough (27 gallon Rubbermaid) under a tree and covered it with sunshade and it has kept my water and nutes cool. This is the 1st summer I have grown anything and was a good experiment. I'll be setting up my normal tomato grow in a day or two and it will be my largest to date, 100 plus determinate plants. Also, I included a picture of 2 new cisterns I hooked up. The 1st has my A/C water only and the 2nd is rainwater from my metal roof. Both troughs are 250 gallons each and the rainwater one filled up in about 2 hours after a hard rain.

Iguanas were tearing up the stalks of my pepper plants, they didn't eat the fruit but are a major obstacle to growing anything here in Florida Keys. I average about 5 confirmed kills a week with my pellet rifle but they keep coming. They are considered an invasive non native species here and as such are allowed to be killed.

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