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simon 02-23-2011 10:07 PM

PH Tester / Meter
Hi again,

I have right now a Hanna pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode. I am always re calibrating it and just want to do my test and move on with out always re-calibrating it.

Is there a good meter that will for the most part stay in sink for a good bit of time under $200?


GpsFrontier 02-23-2011 10:47 PM

Ya, my recommendation General Hydroponics pH drops. Available at just about any hydroponics supply vendor, and runs about $7 depending on where you get it $8 tops. One bottle lasts me well over 6 months. I can make it last even longer by only filling the test vial about 1/4 the way with nutrient solution (instead of half way), and then all I need to use is about 2 drops of testing fluid. It never needs calibration, or batteries, and there is no chance of false readings that are common with electronic meters.

simon 02-24-2011 10:15 AM

Yea I should know better. I think the reason that I have not used that kind of test is because of using a color chart. Thank you :)


FYI: Thanks for all your replies and your due-diligence in answering so many questions.;)

GpsFrontier 02-24-2011 07:40 PM

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I haven't used any other pH drops other than the General Hydroponics brand drops. But the general hydroponics drops are easy to read the color of, and the color chart is glued to the bottle so you wont be loosing it. Natural sunlight is the best light to view the test in, because sometimes inconsistent or florescent light can make it look like it has a little tint to it. But that is easy to get used to the more you use it, I often check mine at night and need to use the kitchen light to view it with. To me they are very easy to use and read the results.

With plants you don't need to be right at an exact point value such as 5.8, that's to difficult to keep there, not to mention completely unnecessary. Plants do better with a range of pH, rather than a specific point value. Most of the time you will be looking for a bright yellow (6.0), because that's right in the middle of pH range for most plants. You wont really want to go much higher than a light green (6.5), and yellow with a tint of orange is right about (5.5) and you wont really be wanting to go lower than that. So really all you are looking for is what shade of yellow it is. Higher pH fades into a green (the darker green the higher the pH), and lower pH fades into a orange (the darker the orange the lower the pH). Bright yellow is right in the middle (6.0).

P.S. Even if you prefer to use a electronic pH test meter, I would suggest to have some pH drops on hand anyway, because the electric meters can give false results (even when properly cared for).

simon 02-24-2011 09:59 PM

Went and got the Kit today, Works great! Thanks:)

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