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Van 02-03-2009 12:51 AM

Do they transplant well into soil

You're an interesting guy with an interesting site. I really appreciate your time in making this info available to all.

We bought a new house last year and I immediately built a propagation table and "volunteered" at the local nurseries keeping all their plants trimmed back and "recycling" them on my propagation table. Hydroponics seems like the logical next step.

My first question concerns temperature. My table is in the basement (in Atlanta) and I took the bottom of a cartop carrier, filled it with sand and put heating cables in it to keep the temp at 70. I sink the pots as far as possible, and it seems to be working fine.

Yes I think keeping the your water/medium at 70 degrees is a good idea. Here in Florida our problem is hot water. That's why I put my tanks in the ground. Water chillers are very expensive.

I found plans to "float" plants in a tank over an airstone which I think is my best bet. I can use an aquarium heater to keep the temp at 70 or so. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Secondly, once it warms up I'm thinking of selling some plants at the local flea market to fund larger systems. I see you did that with spider plants. Does this method alter the characteristics of the plant in any way? Do they transplant well into soil because of the type of roots? Also, do they still need support once transplanted into soil, or is the support only necessary because of the substrate they're growing in under hydroponics?

Again, I really appreciate your time.

Ron 02-03-2009 12:52 AM

The only different characteristics that people commented on was why the tips my of my spider plants weren't burnt.
Because I grew them in hydro before I transplanted to dirt pots for resell. Some plants like tomato and pot go through a slight shock period when transplanted from hydro to dirt. But with most plant like ornamentals, herbs & spices you don't even notice the transition. Tall plants will need support until they are well rooted.

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