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Kevin 01-26-2009 12:04 PM

Watering schedule for hydroponic tomatoes
Hello I am currently growing several varieties of tomato plants, ranging sizes from 4 inches to 2 feet. I have noticed that recently, a lot of the branches are starting to curl under. Everything else appears normal. I am watering on 30 minute intervals, using one of your systems that I built last year. Does this sound like over watering? I have them growing in a greenhouse.
Thanks, Kevin

Ron K 01-26-2009 12:06 PM

Hi Kevin - If you are using a growing media that allows good aeration it's hard to over-water. There are some hydroponic systems that keep the roots submerged continuously and air is constantly fed to the nutrient solution - this keeps a very important oxygen supply available to the roots. I generally water according to plant appearance: eg: If the plants start to wilt, and the temp of the growing area is less than 100 degrees F, then watering frequency needs to be increased. If the roots are receiving plenty of oxygen then the nutrient or nutrient solution may be at fault.
I'm really not a know-it-all but I've been there on water/oxygen/nutrient problems - My first gardens looked very much like

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