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Default First Hydroponic setup - slow?

I just built a lean to type of drip system. It's a tremendous accomplishment as I am not a carpenter at all!
I started this in mid December.
I'm using it from a 5 gallon bucket. The water is revers osmosis water to which I add Dave's Base Formula (4 TB) and Dave's GROW formula (4 TB) typically every 2 weeks.
I have two 45 watt led panels about 18 inches or so above two of the rows.

The mechanics sit next to a furnace so that the water is fairly warm during the day but most likely gets a bit cooler (68?) during the night.

I'm Growing: Basil, Holy Basil, Dill, Cilantro and Tarragon

The Tarragon is doing the best so far.
I would have thought that the basil plants which I transplanted would have doubled in size by now. But they appear to be growing very slow as does the dill.

So how do I approach this - what is the order of importance:
water temp

Would I be better served if I purchased something like the 90 wt BloomBoss (UFO) (Amazon) ?

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