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Hello rick_ca,
Yes I know nobody replied to your original post quickly. Hence the reason I said "Sorry I missed your post" in my first reply. In fact the only reason I saw your thread in the first place is because I was longed in and saw a new user was longed in as well. When I viewed their profile I could see they were looking at your thread. There were only two posts, both yours, and when I saw the dates I realized they were relatively new posts. So I made a point to reply.

I understand that when you didn't get a reply you still wanted to proceed, so you didn't wait around for a reply before you did. Not a problem, but that still doesn't help me understand anything about where you are now with what you want to accomplish, or what you plan to build. All I know about what you plan is that you want to grow peppers and tomato's (with no idea how big they will get, if they need a trellis, or even or how many plants), that you want to use rockwool growing media, you bought some type of tray, and you decided on building a drip system.

Well those clues just don't really tell me anything. So hence my statement "I'm not sure how I can help." I'm more than happy to try and help. But I don't have a clue what you want or need help with. There's no point of me asking questions at this point because I don't know what to ask (and don't want to write a book), simply because I don't know any details. Without any details, all I can do right now is just sit back and wait until you ask some questions or provide some details you want feedback about.
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