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One thing I did leave out is that I sanded the area I was going to glue so the silicone would ahere to it better.The first one I glued the kids knocked over and off came the end cap. I purchased the plexi at lowes for about 1.29 as a 7" x 8" piece. but they will cut it to any size you want. Harbor freight sells fountain pumps also but they did not have one with the lift requirements needed. Another word of warning about them is that i have purchased a few things there and have not been happy I have a retail store here so I examine there products carefully before buying them. Some items are too good to be true and turn out they are. for example I purchased a eletric dremmel type tool for about 5 dollars I was like WoW! the stupid thing wouldnt go fast enough to cut butter but the acecesories it came with kinda made up for getting a better one. but for the most part I have had products that is extremely happy with such as the angle grinder I purchased it out preformes my mikita and came with extra brushes. there fountain pumps are extremly cheap and work ok I built the 11 plant garden a few years ago and used one of there pumps in it and it worked well I eventualy donated this to a friend that wanted to give hydroponics a try.The bigest problem with there stores is people get in there see a few really good deals go crazy just to find out if they didnt get it on sale there they are usealy paying the same price they could have purchased a low end tool from the home store or sears.Another good tool supplier is wholesale tool they have allot of hard to find tools and machinest type tools at incredable prices. There again you need to watch em though they do sell some junky stuff but it usualy works fine.I used them when I lived in houston for makeing equipment parts from scratch.Dont froget about grainger they have EVERYTHING includeing replacement HID ballasts motor controlls and allot of the stuff you see in the hydroponics stores they just buy it there and mark it up.Home depot and lowes also have Industrial sites and stores similar to grainger.
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