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its being 6 days since I put the lettuces in the NFT system... the birds almost killed all of them.... but I discovered that on time to fix it...
Looks like you had enough extra plants sprouted to replace all the ones the birds killed. I that just goes to shows it always pays to have extra, just in case. I guess that shade cloth covers all sides to keep the birds out, as well as the wind you mentioned before.
One thing I must fix is that the water its getting a little warm... Im sure thats not a good thing....
Ya, I don't know what the temp is of your nutrient solution, but if it's warm to the touch, it's likely too warm already. That's probably the biggest issue I have faced with hydroponics so far (hot during summer and cold during winter), and it's going to start to get hot again for me here very soon.

The black bag system looks interesting. What are you using to hold the bags up?
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