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Originally Posted by eduardomachado View Post
Thanks... It would be from the tap... another question... if it gets really diluted.. could the plants die in that week? or just stop growing
Starting with fresh nutrients I seriously doubt you will have a significant problem in just a week. Unless your plants are drinking up a lot of water, and you are replacing it quickly. I have had plants using a 10 gallon reservoir, and replacing 2 gallons of fresh water daily. That would be about 14 gallons of fresh water to a 10 gallon nutrient solution in one week. Without much in the way of noticeable effects. I did need to adjust the pH every other day or so though. Also, I let the same reservoir go for 2 weeks at a time before changing the nutrient solution, but at about the one week point I would add maybe 3 gallons worth of full strength nutrient solution instead of just plain water.

If the plants are deprived from nutrition, the plants will slow down in growing. Then if it gets sever enough they could die, but not in a week when starting from fresh nutrients. They may slow down a little near the end of the week. I don't think you are adding nutrients daily now, so there would be no real concerns while you are gone. But at most they might slow down a bit.

The thing I would be concerned with is pH, if the pH level goes out of range, it wont really mater if you have good nutrients or not, because the plants wont be able to access them. If you are adding tap water now and not needing to adjust pH much I don't think you will have a problem. If when adding replacement water, your water pH was a little high, and you were adding pH down to compensate a couple of times during a one weeks period. Then you may want to leave the pH a little low to begin with. That way as fresh water replaced the used nutrient solution, the pH level would rise because of the pH level of the fresh water that was being added.
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