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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Looks like a nice setup, the green baskets look like drain pipe caps or fittings. Were they expensive? The insulation on top is interesting, it will help reflect light back up, as well as help protect the reservoir from the heat of the lights. Although using led's wont put out much heat at all. The drain spout is an interesting idea also.
Thank you.

The green baskets are 3" atrium grates with UV inhibitors. I can get them online for less than $2.50 each. They are extremely heavy duty and will last forever, so I think they are worth it in the long run. A 2 - 1/2" hole saw is perfect for these.

The two cfl's put out a little heat, but the dashboard reflector is mainly for reflecting light back up to the plants. As an added bonus we have plenty of extra light in the living room. I made the hood from a galvanized metal tote they sell at Lowes. The trapezoid shape is perfect for focusing the light.

I love having the drain spout. Easy to take samples for testing the ph and draining the reservoir.

Glad you like.
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