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Originally Posted by ohman11 View Post
Are you using this for clones? If not that may be too many baskets but I really like the design. You did a great job!

The design calls for two nested totes. So I have another lid that will have holes drilled for 2" net pots (15 sites) . Mostly for leaf lettuce, but I can clone with it at some point.

The lid is very strong. If you look at the lid before I painted it, you'll notice lines squaring the atrium screens. Those are 1/2" reinforcing ribs molded into the bottom of the lid. The atrium screens have an over-sized lip that overhangs those ribs also. I don't know what the stress limits are on these lids, but I just supported a gallon jar of calcium nitrate and it didn't flinch.

The totes are made by Iris. They are called ultimate totes, I get them at Lowes. A little more expensive but you get what you pay for. Just wish they had black ones so I wouldn't have to mess with painting them.

I can probably get them cheaper online.
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