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Originally Posted by watercatwn6535nd View Post
how are they doing for pollination. i have never been able to get one pollinated. i have hundreds of flowers right now. i'm putting it out side this weekend. let those bees work there magic.
I was not really worried about pollination yet, but I have noticed that most of the flowers are doping and not setting fruit. I have a lot of data on melon production, but have not had the time to go through it yet. I don't see many bees in the back yard lately, I'm considering hand pollinating to see if that goes better. Going by what I have read about melon production I was surprised to see so many flowers on these, thinking that perhaps it's normal that they don't all set fruit.

I also have not checked the pH more than once in about a week, and I have added water to it. I am guessing that the pH is well high, but will change the nutrient solution probably tomorrow. After I took those pictures I gave 4 plants away to a friend to plant in soil, and the roots looked very healthy at that time. My mom wants to grow asparagus, I may do a similar setup to grow that, who knows.
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