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Default I suddenly noticed I have melons

Well Here it is over two weeks later and I still have not built the new system for my Mellon plants yet. I simply wont have the money to do it the way I had planed, so I am going with plan "B." I will use 5 gallon buckets and a drip system like I did for my broccoli last winter. I should have it complete by Monday or Tuesday. But because of a strange twist yesterday, I have suddenly noticed that I have melons. I changed the nutrient solution a few days ago (8 gallons), and it has been hot lately (105 or so). I have forgotten to add replacement water for a few days, so the reservoir was low and the pump couldn't pump it up the the plants.

My mom said I should have a look at them because they look like they need water. So I immediately got some cold water to pour on the growing medium, and while I was doing that, I discovered the melons. I actually found about 7 melons that were almost as big as tennis balls. So I thought I would post pictures of them. There are also many other smaller ones I had not seen yet either.
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