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GPS.. here in Puerto Rico they plant melons in full sun... and water just a little... its the 1st time I see them growing in Hydroponics.... they will get so big that they will cover the container themself

I have my second batch of lettuces almost ready to harvest... I have a Bubbling system with 4 Pepper plants that I have collected more than 100 peppers and its still producing a lot

Now I'm getting ready a system for giants green and yellow peppers, Giant Hungarian tomatoes, and some others heirloom varieties... I have a total of 20 new plants of tomatoes and peppers... Ill post pics tomorrow...

I added a cistern valve to the lettuces NFT system, so it wont run dry and went to Cancun for a week... the plants almost tripled their size...

So I can say I'm loving hydroponics...
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