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The only thing I needed to fix was to spray paint the inside of the hood with a high gloss white enamel. The lettuce was leggy and the leaves turned down towards the reflector.

Using five gallons with two tablespoons of 20-20-20 as my nutrient. I was using one tablespoon each of Calcium nitrate and Magnesium sulfate. I'm dissolving them separate but they are reacting in the system so I will be cutting back. My pump would be toast had I not wrapped it in a jelly strainer bag.

Running the pump 1/2 hour on and 1-1/2 hours off. There is a little leaf curl going on but there are no dying leaf margins. lights are two 45w cfl's.

The cups in the center have Bhut Jolokia Peppers with their second set of true leaves just starting to pop. Eventually the Bhuts will be the only plants growing in here.
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