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Default How many times a day should I flood the system?

Ron, oh wise one, I have my tomatoes in the 11 plant system. I am using a 400 watt MH and am doing a 24 hour vegetative light cycle. The system is in a 4X4 area with mylar on the walls. I'm using 32 OZ solo cups and have adjusted the drain pipe to the correct height. I am using a maxi-jet 500 aquarium pump in a 32 gallon Reservoir. How many times a day should I flood the system? What is the closest, in inches, I can put the light to the 3 week old plants (it's a verticle lamp)? How close can the light be when the plants get big and strong? Also the four plants in the outer corners seem like they will not get as much light, should I expect these plants to be less productive when I go to a twelve hour photo period using my hps conversion bulb? My last question is how often should I add water to this type of set-up? And how much?

Thanks, Bob

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