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Thanks for the points! It is very likely you are right and I will play with the arrangement and the floor plan to make more room for light to reach all plants.

The sizes of containers have been adjusted according to plant foliage and root system average max dimensions (from the Internet). My initial plans were to use high and low pressure aeroponic irrigation depending on the type of root systems I am looking to grow. Today I found out about upside-down growing of plants (tomato as a prime example) and am wondering if this is also an option I should look into (for plants that do not grow too heavy).

Could it also be an option for potatoes, where the root system will be on top in a light-protected container and the foliage grows downwards from it?

And yes, I have never grown these plants and have zero experience. I am planning how to build my future house and the greenhouse in front of it (towards South). I still have tons to read and learn. Right now I'm trying to find out what area, water, and power I will need to grow these plants (according to my calculations, that is the approximate number of containers my family would need for year-round produce) so I can then calculate the energy/water supply and construction costs, etc.

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