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Ya, I still often get the purpose of acids and bases mixed up. You would think that an acid raises, but it's actually a pH down, and a base raises pH. Kind of backwards to me. Muriatic acid can be bought at most pool supply stores, at least that is where I bought it by the gallon many, many years ago when I lived in Calif. They use it to clean pools with, I used it to clean the oil stains off the garage floor (I worked on a lot of cars back then). Battery acid (Sulfuric acid) is sold at most auto part stores, and is much stronger to me. I got it on me quite often when I worked at sears automotive as a mechanic. But I would never recommend using them for hydroponics for many reasons. I have a few basic rules for success in hydroponics.

1. Use nutrients designed for hydroponic plants.
2. Use pH adjusters designed for hydroponic plants.
3. Use a pH test kit for hydroponics (for the right testing range).
4. Use good quality water (most often overlooked).
5. Keep the nutrient solution temps in range (68-75 is the optimum range).
6. Make sure the roots get enough oxygen.

Well I could add a few other things like making sure your using enough water volume for the amount and size plants your growing. As well as making sure you provide enough root space for the full grown plants etc.. But for the most part I say have fun experimenting with everything else, just make sure to fallow the basics if you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong later. Citrus acid is a hydroponic pH adjuster. However I have only got it through a earth juice, and cant say if there is any difference between them and other suppliers that sell it for other purposes.
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