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Originally Posted by NorEastFla View Post
That is how led lights work. Even with the new 3 watt LEDs and hundreds of watts of power, they still only have a maximum throw of about 18 inches.

I've found that 4 to 6 inches is the best.
Nor, have you had a chance to grow the lettuce?

Also, if the throw is so low with LED, how do you compensate for a 3 foot tall plant such as a tomato or habenero? I understand the lumens from HID can push deep into the foliage and I understood the higher wattage LEDs would do the same?? I also understood a 90w UFO could penetrate a deep plant.

Your question regarding 28w vs. 300w led is very interesting indeed.

I am debating the UFO 90 or 180 as I want to move towards tomatoes and peppers requiring red spectrum. The other choice is a $160 T5 H.O. 48" x 4 bulb system with red blue mix. Such mixed reviews and polarized opinions.....what a pain, LOL!
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