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Default exactly how it works.

Hey Ron, I'm planning on building you're 11 plant system. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it works. I'm aware that the pump pumps the water and nutrient sol. into the pvc system and fills the bottles to the height of the runoff, at which point that's as high as the water goes. Then from what I've heard, I'm pretty sure it drains after it fills the bottles. This should happen on a 30 min. schedule, (if possible 20) My questions (if you have the time to answer please) are the following? 1. Where does the water go when the bottles drain (I know back in the reservoir), but how? I would maybe guess the runoff but it doesn't look like it work unless it siphoned the water out the system into the tank and the hole in the top is supposed to prevent siphoning.

2. What are some good hydroponic solutions for growing (particurly for the headers interest, if u get my drift)? Should I change solutions as the plant enters different life stages? How often should I change solutions (I read 2 weeks somewhere, but not sure)?

3. Are hps or MH lighting too hot for an inclosed space (I'm planning on ventilating very well with 4 10" fans or so bringing fresh air in)?

If they are too hot, will 3 2-bulb cool-white 4' fluorescents fixtures work? One hanging directly above, and the two others on each side at 45 degree angles towards the plants?)

4. If I did use HPS or MH what watt would you suggest, should I use one or 2 bulbs?

I love your site, you have some really good ideas, now I know what to get mom for x-mas next year She loves plants, especially ferns. Thanx

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