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Default Gallon System Help Needed

I need some help with the gallon system set-up.
1- I can't find enough bleach bottles to get my system up and running, so any other suggesting on what would work well?
2- Also what kind of container goes inside the bleach bottle? I can see it is filled with grow rocks, but what is holding the grow rocks?
3- I don't have access to a local hydroponic store, so I plan to use perlite as my medium. Any suggestions on how to keep the perlite in place besides using paint stainers? I plan on using the top drip system.
4- How does the excess nutrient solution make its way back to the nutrient tank? Do I need to elevate one end of the pvc pipe?
5- I live where it will soon be in the 100's for the summer months, any suggestions for helping protect my plants, length of water cycles, etc?

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