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Default First Timer to Hydrophonics

I am new to gardening. I have done alot of research and have just a few questions.
First I am a disabled Vet who has recently went into remission from cancer.
Now im disabled i would like to do something with my time.
I am building a 20x30 Greenhouse and using Hydrophonics for my system.

I am construction from 1inch conduit in a A frame.

Is it Ideal to use Agtex Woven Poly film?

Is it ideal to use a NFT 4inch PVC & Dutch bucket system together?

I have 2 330 gal IBC totes that i will be using, and for future use will turn into Aquaphonics.

I live in North Alabama, so weather and wind is not much of an issue. Also Cold Temperate isnt a major issue, we had 1 day get below 30F, should i use a double layer with a blower or would a heater be enough?

Thanks for your input

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