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Hello Coppertopneo,
That woven poly film sounds nice, but is very very expensive at 23 cents a sq foot. It will probably cost you nearly $700 for enough to cover your 20x30 greenhouse. And that doesn't even cover shipping which will probably be at least another $100. The UV resistant poly film I used to build my greenhouse with only cost me about $200 for a 24x100 foot roll, and that included shipping. So to answer your question "Is it Ideal to use Agtex Woven Poly film,?" I guess I would say yes it would be ideal, but not necessary. Ideal and needed are two different things.

i mean, im building a 20x30. for max space useage i was going to put NFT rails on the outter walls, and have 3 or 4 rows in the center of greenhouse that were dutch bucket.
AH, OK. What through me was the use of the words "Ideal" and "together". As if somehow those two types of systems combined together would be ideal. But yes it would be ideal to use one type of system for large plants, and another for small plants.

Do i absolutely have to have a seed growing nursery?
My ideal goal, is to have 20x30 maximum use of space for growing.
Could i not just start the seeds in the designated systems, NFT or Dutch bucket?
No, you don't absolutely need to start seeds in a prorogation system, but you'll be wasting space, water, and nutrients if you don't. Starting seeds in a prorogation system and rotating plants into the main system as you harvest the old plants is far more productive and better use of space. Not to mention the nutrient strength should be much different for seedlings than for mature plants and could damage your seedlings.
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