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Thanks for the tip. It's a bit confusing to tell where a item is located and if you can pick it up before biding. But I'm sure there must be a way to narrow down that, I just haven't found it yet. I do notice on some items the shipping is outrageous. Not sure how they come up with their figures. Like the starting freight cost for 15 bulbs was $150.00. I saw a duel work light, and the shipping and handling was $49.95. Heck I can go down to Lowe's and buy them brand new for about $30-$40 out the door ($15-$20 for the single work lights). I saw one current winning bid was from Hacienda Heights, That is where I used to live in CA. I also saw one of the sheriff departments was city of industry, that's right next to Hacienda Heights.

I know their location well (lived in that location for 20+ years), that brings back memory's and was only a few miles from where I lived, I once even walked home from the industry sheriffs department (20 years ago or so). After, well never mind. Suffice to say no charges were filed then, and nothing ever came of it (it was all a misunderstanding). But back then I had a bad habit of not taking care of traffic tickets, and letting them go to warrants in many different city's. At one time I had five warrants at the same time, 4 for traffic tickets, and one for a J-walking ticket if you can believe that. After taking care of them all (because I was arrested after being pulled over for speeding, thus getting another ticket), I got them all cleared up, and said never again. To this day I'll always take care of any ticket before they go to warrants. That was right about the time I turned 25, and thus I now know why insurance rates for people under 25 are so high (I'm a perfect example).

But thanks for the tip about the website, I'll look more into it in more detail soon. I may even call our sheriffs department to see what they do with their confiscated items too, because they would be close enough for me to go pick up.
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