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Hello HPE21,
I'm not sure why PVC is of a concern to you? That's the best option that I can think of (of cores there are many types, depending on use ), but PVC is used to irrigate farms. If you have a soil garden using a in ground sprinkler system (like for your lawn), that's what you are watering it with now and have been for decades. PVC is used in many household pluming situations as well, including both hot and cold drinking water supply's. That's why all the different ratings (temp and pressure). I have never smelled anything coming from any PVC tubing I have ever seen.

PVC has been nicknamed poison pipe for plants and humans. That could also be agenda based.
I would be happy to look at any creditable info you may have. But I don't just believe everything I read without digging deeper when I'm not sure about the source. First question I would have is why is the information (if creditable) not known by any authority that regulate food, like the food and drug administration (FDC) etc.? I know the wheels of the government are slow, but PVC has been around for how many years? And nothing gets the OK for use without extensive testing.

Everything is toxic if not in moderation. Do you fear walking in the sun? Yet skin cancer is typically caused by too much sun exposure over years. But that doesn't make me afraid to go outside on a sunny day. I just know when I should get some shade.

I've read that using chemical fertilizer or herbicide in organic soil kills all the organic elements of the soil. I've also read it takes many years to fully recover, which I COULD understand because building a useful organic compost is not exactly, a short task.
Although I don't feel that the produce is any better for you using organic methods, I totally agree that it's beneficial for the environment. Especially when it's practiced on a large scale. Like a large soil farm, or many small ones. That's why I would want to support them by buying the produce at the stores, but I just don't have the money to spent twice the price for the same thing. Aside from that I don't see much point.

This falls in the category of DON'T DO THIS AT HOME. But lets say that everything you use is 100% safe (for the sake of argument), you are even using the best organic nutrients that money can buy on the market. Now with the idea that you are what you eat (the typical thought behind chemical leaching arguments), would you ever consider drinking a glass of your nutrient solution? I wouldn't either, (AND NOBODY SHOULD), but that's what your plants are drinking. So why wouldn't you worry about that? That's what plants have been being nourished with for millions of years. They know what they want to drink, and they can filter toxin's, just like the human body. But again everything can reach toxic levels if not in moderation. And the human race (as well as animals) have been eating that as long as they have been alive. Just my opinion.

P.S. Just a correction, the 5000 tomato plants mentioned before was actually about 16,000 plants (if it makes a difference). Also sorry to hear that you lost friends to cancer HPE21.
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