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Default aquaponics or polyponics

I've been away from the site for months but I'll get some video up of my new green house/rabbitry/fish system. I'm running about 4000 plus gallons of water and fully automating it like all my other stuff. I'm pretty excited about having a four season green house and with light augmentation and bees this year i expect full year around honey and pollinating as well. So much money and time in this project but i expect to come into the end of next summer with all my fish rabbit and fruit vegatble production able to sustain virtually all of my food needs with what will be a better varaity than the local grocery store in my small town offered any how. I'm taking advantage of fresh water lobster frsh water shrimp tilapia and fresh water clams in my closed system. Good to hear more of you are thinking about aquaponics. In my test system i found that it was cheaper to buy fish food than to buy nutrients for the pants so its cheaper to operate and you either get the fish for free or the veggies. plus i have a worm bed system in doors under my rabbits that supplies worms for the fish and chickens for a protien supplment and the big bonus is a lot less cleaning up of chickens and rabbits. plus my extra plant trimmings and foods are rabbit and chicken food. I' will do a post on rabbits and making tea from rabbit manure for your nutrient and that you can get about 150lbs of butchered meet from one female rabbit a year. thats about half a cow that is 350lbs and a rabbit lives in a 24 x 30 cage not a field. lots of options for the urban or hobbist farmer.
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