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Fintuckyfarms, great site!!!!

Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Get this, believe it or not, some people actually choose to grow illegal drugs using the same gardening supply's we use to grow our veggies with.
^^^ LMAO ^^^

Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
I know what you mean. I try to promote hydroponics for growing legal crops (fruits and veggies) as much as I can. But there are always those old timers that still just don't think you can grow anything other than pot hydroponically. The only way to prove it to them is to do it, then stick it in their face. Show them it can be profitable by doing it.
^^^ Totally agree ^^^
When I tell people I grow tomatoes hydroponically they give me a strange look like "yea sure". Then when I show them the pictures of last years grow they are shocked at the amount and the size of the tomatoes I got. Then I tell them how the system works now some of them now want to start their own hydroponic garden.

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