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Default Greenhouse construction begins

Well the Greenhouse construction has begun. One of my concerns with the Sub "T" system was weather I would actually be able to get 24 tubes in each side without them being to close. After getting the first system set up and in place, I wound up only using 15 tubes. That will decrease the amount of air volume I can effectively cool in that system. I think I'll be able to get a few more in the second system because there will be more room behind the barrel (side facing the dirt wall, but wont know for sure until I actually get it in place. Even if not there will be 360 feet of tubing in the ground between both systems. That's still well above the 300 feet recommended for the 200 square feet of greenhouse floor. Just not what I had hoped for of doubling the amount of recommended tubing in the ground.

Also, I had hoped to get both systems in the ground last weekend. But as usual with any construction project, things rarely go as planed. But we got one of them in the ground along with one of the nutrient reservoirs. I'm the big boned (fat/pregnant) guy with the beard, and the other guy is a buddy of mine that was helping me. My mom took the pictures of us while we were back-filling the hole.

I've reserved the excavator for next weekend as well, and my buddy will be back to help install the second Sub "T" system next weekend too. Even though I need to pay for the excavator for two weekends instead of just one, that luckily wont wind up killing my budget. The original budget had planed to be renting from another company, so I actually got it for about $130 less than what was planed in the budget. Also I had planed to have 2 helpers, and be paying $10 an hour, for a total of costing $320 in labor for two days. But wound up saving about $120 in labor. Then because I wont be able to use all the tubing, I'll be taking one or two rolls back, and thus getting me back about $55-$110 more. Next weekend I will only need one helper after the hole is dug, and I begin to back-fill it.

When filling the 275 gallon reservoir up, make sure the metal cage is in place around it before you fill it. Otherwise it will bulge out, and you will need to empty it to get the metal cage in place (just one of the things that didn't go as planed.

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