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Just thought I would post the latest pictures (well I took them two days ago). I have the baseboards installed, and the "A" frame tops put together. I placed the "A" frame tops in the ground tubes to stretch them out, then I put a screw in both sides of each connecting joint to make sure they wont work their way loose later. The wood piles are of the "cull" wood I get for $0.51 cents a board, their usually about 4 feet long, and the pile of 2x6 pressure treated wood is what's left over after I completed the greenhouse baseboards.

For the baseboards, I just cut one foot long pieces and beveled the edges to make connecting boards to connect all the 4 foot long pieces together. Then screwed the baseboards into the ground tubes (and ends together) with 3 inch decking screws. Of coarse I would need to back out the screws from the ground tubes in order to insert the poles later, but easy enough to do (actually it's already done and will be in the next update pictures).

Also as you can see in the pictures I have made the covers for all 3 in-ground nutrient reservoir. Because of the odd shape (5 feet 2 inches by 4 feet 4 inches), I had to do some creative cutting, as well as piecing together at the seams. I basically used one (4x8) sheet of OSB and cut it into a 5 foot long piece by 2 feet 4 inches. Then cut the short side into two 2 foot sections (half of 4 feet). I used the left over piece from the 5 foot long side to screw it all together. But before I did, I used an entire tube of liquid nails between the sheets of OSB. I'll take pictures of the underside (where it's all seamed together) tomorrow. Then I screwed two pieces of the 4 foot 2x4's to it along the middle of the long side for added strength, I expect to do a lot of walking on these lids. I don't plan to add the two inch thick Styrofoam insulation to the underside of these lids until next spring, in preparation for the summer heat.

With any luck I'll have the greenhouse framing mostly done in a few days, as well as started building the hydroponic system/support structure by this weekend.
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