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OK I've been very busy, but thought I would post another update. I have to many pictures for one post so I'm breaking it up into two posts. As I mentioned I took pictures of the under sides of the reservoir covers to show how I seemed the pieces together. All three pieces are overlapped by the piece of OSB running down the center. The overlapping piece of OSB is screwed in from both sides, as well as has a whole tube of liquid nails between the sheets of OSB. The 2x4's going down both sides adds support for walking on top of these covers. I only painted the outside edges of the covers on the bottoms with the roof coating because I will eventually have a layer of 2 inch thick Styrofoam glued to the underside, and the foamboard adhesive needs at least one side to be a porous surface for it to cure correctly. I will also eventually have weather stripping around the edges as well.
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