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Second update post.....

These pictures were taken over the last week, and the latest ones were taken this afternoon.

I had hoped to have more done by this time, but due to my helpers being busy, as well as the fact I decided it would be easier to paint the wood framing with the white roof coating before installing the greenhouse and hydroponic system support framing. I guess I got set back about three days, but it will save me time as well as problems later by painting the wood prior to installation. I also finally just got a new bulb for my 500 watt halogen work light yesterday, so now I can still work when it gets dark.

It also took me almost two days to build that large wooden later/platform for me to stand on. Mostly because the first design was getting to heavy, but still wasn't sturdy enough. So I took it all completely apart, and redesigned it. I needed to build it because I don't have a free standing later tall enough, and don't want to spend the money to rent or buy one. Including all the wood and screws, It only cost me about $25 to build the platform/later, and when I'm done I can still reuse the wood and screws that didn't get striped. I needed to be able to get that high to screw the horizontal 1x2's to the top apex.

You can see all the wood framing I've been painting (with two coats of the roof coating). I wanted everything painted to reflect as much light back to the plants as I can get. Then finally yesterday and today I was able to get started attaching it to the greenhouse structure. Some of the vertical 2x4's are pressure treated, and some aren't. The ones that aren't, I cut and attached a piece of pressure treated wood (leftover from the baseboard framing) to the bottoms. That way the wood touching the ground is pressure treated. You can see where I already attached it to them in at least one of the pictures (the ones laying on the sawhorses).

I don't know if you can see it in the pictures. But when installing the vertical tubes I wanted them the same height. But because the ground isn't exactly level, and the ground tubes are at slightly different heights. I measured and cut each corner tube to about 8 feet 2 inches. Then I ran a string line down the sides (along the top) to measure and cut the rest to. I simply attached the string line to the polls with rubber bands. Then I just measured how much I needed to cut from them one by one.

Another side note: originally I planed to use propane heaters during winter because electric heaters use so much electricity. But while looking for something else, I ran across a electric infrared heater (like this one) that only uses 550 watts, and still puts out as much as 1800 BTU's. That would be reasonable because we don't get cold enough to need more heating than that, and running 550 watts for 15 continues hours would only cost me $0.77 cents a day (about $23 a month). The electric infrared heater would be easy to hook up to a thermostat or timer for better temp control. So I will probably go the route of the infrared heater.
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