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Yes, just pay attention to the product/heater recommendations. The one I posted a link to won't be usable in my greenhouse. It states:

"Note: Heaters must be a minimum 3" from ceiling, 24" from a vertical surface and a minimum 6 feet from the floor."

3 feet from the ceiling works, and 6 feet from the floor works, but there wont be anywhere within that range I wont have something vertical within 2 feet of that. I will only have 3 feet between sides, and that would leave no more than 18 inches. But I plan to look for some smaller units that can be placed closer to things, then being smaller, use 2 of them.

I'm happy with the progress in the past two days. Though I have used up all the wood I had painted. So tomorrow morning/early afternoon I need to paint more in order to get it ready to use.
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