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OK, I now have another update ready to post.
Even though I'm happy with the progress at this point, and how it's coming along together, I could be farther along if I wasn't going through the "cull" wood faster than they stock it. I didn't get much done two days this week for that very reason. Friday I decided to buy some of the more expensive 2x4's just so I had some wood to work with. I now only need 4 more pieces of the cull wood to finish the hydroponic system support structure, and it probably wont be restocked until Tuesday. In total I need about 90 more pieces of the cull wood to finish both the support structure and the hydroponic system.

But I am still making progress. All the areas of the support structure that are covered with the OSB board are finished. The only sections left are the ends between the long rows. On one side I have 2 of the 3 sections finished, the other side I still need all 3 sections. They are easy to do, I just needed one piece of the cull wood for a cross beam for each of those sections to finish it. I took some pictures of the center sections with the OSB removed from there so you can see how I did the support structure underneath.

I also took pictures of the top A frame end section where I finished adding the wood strips to. The wood strips will be what the edges of the greenhouse covering will be attached to on the top ends. The sections of OSB are the bottoms of the hydroponic system, and will rest in place on the support structure (right were they are). But right now I'm just cutting them to the right size, and making sure they fit in place on the support structure correctly before I complete each section. Once I have all the sections cut to size, and in place to ensure a good fit, I'll take them out (and mark each one so it goes back in the same place). Then laminate the 6 ml plastic to the tops of the OSB, and paint the bottoms with the white reflective roof coating. Then I'll create the sides of the hydro system using 2x4's that are laminated with the 6 mil plastic as well.

I also ordered seeds a couple days ago,
Sweet Basil (common) Seeds - Ocimum basillicum (one pound)
Dark Opal Basil Seeds (one ounce)
Lemon Basil Seeds - Ocimum basillicum citriodorum (one ounce)
Dill, "Bouquet" Seeds - Anethum graveolens (one ounce)
Chives Seeds (common) (one ounce)
Catnip Seeds (one ounce, plan to market it to the pet supply stores)

I also ordered some lemongrass seeds from another company. I wanted to order some tarragon, and oregano but they are much more expensive and will get them later when I have money coming in. I forgot to order sage, and probably will later this week. I added a drawing of the completed hydroponic system for anyone not familiar with how it's supposed to look when completed.
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