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Default topwater feeding with DWC when starting?

Hello to all. I am new to hydroponics and have searched a lot for some answers that I cannot seem to find. I recently transplanted two tomato plants into seperate 5 gallon dwc setups.

One is a very small cherry variety about 6 inches tall. The other is a better boy that is about 20 inches tall. I am using Duo for nutrients and ph balanced to around 6 after the mix.

No roots are in the water yet...its been about 7 days. I was able to get most of the soil away from the smaller plants roots...but the larger still has a good amount of the potting soil mixed in the roots (next time ill start with a smaller plant).

My question is this. Should I be taking water from the resevoir and top watering the plants until the roots are hanging in the water? And if often?

Thank you.

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