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Default Following you advice & question on strawberries

Thanks for the tips and info Stan. Iím starting the Brussel Sprout and Green pepper seeds today in rockwool cubes. Per your advice, no heating pad. Iíve seen different theories on light vs no-light when rockwool cubes are first placed in a ďhumidomeĒ. Iím going to try darkness via covering the humidome with a box. The minute I see a sprout, that cubeís off to the aeroponic cloner in the greenhouse Ė that quick move has worked every time for me.

Weíve decided to try (add) Strawberries in the aeroponic rail system, but Iím not sure where to startÖ. Looking for seeds was VERY confusing (and discouraging). You have any suggestions on seed type and sources? And did you start yours in rockwool cubes? I canít find any information on that.

We are into cooler nights and cooler days arenít far off Ė should be an ideal time to start seeds. Iím seeing germination times of 7 days to 6 weeks (!?) Ė what was your experience? Iíve also read strawberries are perennials Ė not sure how that would work in my rail system - when would they be removed?
Thanks again for any advice / direction

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