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Default A strawberry challenge for sure, and how to reckon with “runners”…

Thanks so much, everywhere I looked was pushing “bare root” plants, so that explains that. A couple of probably dumb sounding questions but…. I’ve never bought bare root plants - would I be putting the bare root plants in a rockwool cube similar to how I place a tomato sucker? And I’m not certain about the “….taking runners but without cutting them off….”, could you explain that? I understand putting them in small dirt pots (best medium?).

Moving rails inside would not be an option, but keeping “runners” (clones?) inside the house in pots would be doable. The question would be transplanting from potted plant into rail system. Rinse roots and place in rockwool similar to tomato cloning? (by the way I had incredible success cloning!). I’ve never done that but I’ve heard of people doing that for plants they buy at a nursery (though it’s considered a bad practice in the Hydroponics circles I’ve researched).

Lastly, as I was writing this my Vert-Gro nutrients came so I’ll be draining (but saving) my Dutch Bucket reservoir and going with ~ 50% strength. The “re-claimed” nutrient is the Miracle Grow mix, I’ll use it in the “super cloner” (which has four 4” high beefsteak seedlings).

Again, I sincerely appreciate all the help, knowledge and advice you’ve provided. Between you and my Jamaican farmer neighbor, I would never have had all the success I’ve had. Thanks again!

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