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Originally Posted by HydroACR View Post
nice setup, is the drip system and lights on a timer? after a while I can see all of the roots meshing together...

what are you growing?
Yes they are on a timer. Lights are on a 16/8 cycle and the pump is currently running for 15 minutes once an hour.

In the system right now we've started some brocoli, iceberg lettuce, black seeded simpson lettuce from seeds in rockwool cubes that are now stuck into the pots with hydroton. We also have a few strawberry sprouts. The wife picked them up from Walmart of all places. There were several sickly looking sprouts stuffed in a plastic bag filled with dirt. Took them out and cleaned them off and put them in net pots. Not sure how they'll turn out, but since they've been in the system they do at least look better than they did when they came out of the bag...heh.

Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
I like it.
I'm wondering where you found the 6 inch sewer pipe and end caps? How much they cost, and if they come in other sizes. Maybe even as large as 2 feet wide for large vertical aeroponic systems. I have found the 6 inch P.V.C. tubing at a local pluming supply store for $1.78 a foot (that's just fine), although the end caps were $12 (not fine). Also does it glue together with P.V.C. glue or something different?
Got the pipe from a local hardware store called McCoys. I couldn't find anything bigger than the fairly standard 4" PVC at the big chain stores like Lowes or Home Depot here. If I'm remembering correctly the pipe itself was around $30 for a 10ft. piece give or take a dollar or two. The end caps were rather high. They were somewhere between $10-20 each. And yes, it glues together with PVC glue just fine. The pipe itself is actually just 6" PVC Type SDR sewer line. The pipes are made to fit into each other so one end has about a 6 inch section on it where the pipe flares out big enough for the end of another pipe to slip into it.
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