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Default Opinions of my new idea for Drip or Ebb and Flow system

I have been playing around with an idea for a new set of growing pots for tomatos and I put together a small 2 plant setup I made out of PVC, and I am wanting to get people's opinions of how they think this is going to work. I am using 2 3.75" net pots and putting thim in a piece of 4" PVC pipe that connects to a 4"x2" coupler, which has elbows and tees that connect to a central 2" pipe for return to my resevior, one end of the 2" pipe has a 1/2" polly tube fitting to go back to my tank, the other side has a cleanout plug that I can remove and connect another 2 or more growing pots. Here is a couple of pictures that may make this easier to figure out. So far I have about $25 invested for the 2 pots, but I think a couple of more would be a bit cheaper.

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