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Originally Posted by Errol View Post
More reflection.......Plan A is as follows:
8 parts Hydrosol (to get the K up a bit)
4 parts MgSO4
7 parts calcium nitrate
1 part calcium chloride

Mixed in those proportions, but keeping the concentrate separated, and added to my nutrient tanks until I reach an EC reading of 2.0.
OK, I was about to make the proposal of adding just a pinch more Hydrosol to get the K up a bit (despite the fact that P will get somewhat high - which isn't an issue at all).

I was also wondering if you use to make concentrate anyway. If so, (which is actually smarter) the strategy to apply can be adopted accordingly. You anyway should take the lead on the method and the actual procedure, as you need to do that part regularly by yourself.

Still, the basic EC of 2.0 seems quite high to me, in general (for general purpose feeding) as well as according to the formula we are about to settle for. As explained earlier, it can be determined by adding relative conductivity of each ingredient. It's more accurate and it helps knowing what may be wrong (what should be changed) in case of trouble.

As for your setting up procedure (as usual), it doesn't change much - except that instead of adding equal parts of concentrate until getting to 2.0 mS (or EC) it may only be 1.7-1.9 (still to be determined).

Btw: I am actually not that far away from your place. Depending on your location in Australia, I'm about 3500-4500 roughly estimated miles direction North-northeast (S.E.A)

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