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Default reuse grow light?

Okay i am new to hydroponics so if this is all bs please let me know. I started my hydroponic project about 2 weeks ago, got all my supplies etc. After setting up and running for a few days i found my grow light i bought from walmart had blown :-(; i thought such a short life. Well i the process of researching hydroponics i saw a glimpse of another project someone was doing --hollowing out light bulbs. When i seen that my grow light had blown, which when i bought it i said hmm this looks like a normal light bulb with special paint. I decided i would try and hallow my light bulb out and put an led in it.

Guide to hollow out light bulb
I also had another regular light bulb that had blown so i decided to try with it first and the results were good.

However the grow light didn't turn out so great but

grow light with led flashlight behind it

What does everybody think?
will it work in growing my plants?

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