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Default Timer set, installed and running - fingers crossed

Stan, Iím using my Apollo timer, which has a minimum duration of 1 minute, so hereís what Iíve programmed:
Sunrise 7:30 am - duration 1 minute
Sunset 7:02 pm Ė duration 1 minute
Nighttime: 1:00 am Ė duration 1 minute
Aerator runs continuously
Iíll check for roots frequently and adjust timing when I see some. Iím betting it will a while before I see roots, never did when I started them indoors even though they got 5 to 7 inches tall, and now Iím using 2Ē cubes (as opposed to 1Ē). Again Iíve not added any nutrients, using only PH adjusted water. Fingers crossedÖ..

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