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Sorry, I didn't see the reply until now.
so you dont seem to have any problems with the lettuce being in that hot house and not really having any air flow
It's not really a hot house. It's just a wooden frame with some shade cloth on top (to protect from direct sunlight), shade cloth allows air to pass right through. They get lots of air flow, if there is any breeze they get all of it in that location. The plants are close together, and I try to trim away all the large leaves, yellow leaves, and even the ones that cover others from getting light or air, allowing for better air flow at the base of the plants.
have they been in that system the whole time and if so have they had that top on them the entire time as well?
I started them out as seeds, once they got about an inch tall or so I placed them into the system. I only placed the cover on them when the weather started to get warm, to help protect from direct sunlight. The weather is actually getting two warm for lettuce. I would like to continue them, but I would need to move them inside to control the air temp, so this will probably be the end to the lettuce for now.

P.S. you cant really see it in the pictures, but I actually used two containers for the base, with some insulation in-between both of them to keep the root zone temp down. So far so good, it's the air temp that is getting to be a problem right now. Lettuce being a cool weather crop, and the temp getting into the upper 80's daily.
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