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Default LED tomato and pepper grow

I'm relatively new to hydroponics, but I have had some success growing spinach and kale with HO T5s. I plan to expand my setup and want to add some micro toms and redskin bell peppers due to their small size, but ideally would like to stay under 400 watts or lower for a 4' x 2' grow area. I have looked into led grow lights and there seems to be contradictory information regarding the subject. However, I do like the fact that these lights do isolate the wavelengths at points of maximum absorption and chloryphyll production (PAR), but they seem to have a lower lumen output. Idk...does the increased PAR capabilities compensate for the lower lumen output? Is that why some websites claim that a 90 watt ufo is equivalent to a 400 watt hps? All the things i've read seem to be very confusing I'd just like to get someone else take on the subject and what they might recommend for the grow area...cfl, HPS, or LED.

Thanks in advance.

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