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That looks like more money than just buying all the standard hydro farm stuff that works perfect and is already black?

5 gallon buckets are best. and cheapest. i just ran a test on painting free white buckets i got from restraunts. $1 for flat cheap black spray paint at lowes did 3 buckets per can. Now i'm heat testing them on fence post hangars around the house. first issue i found is i think they get to hot? but the plants are looking very happy (dirt in them right now) i'm sure its killing my bacterias and other helpers in the compost like worms. so my plan is the cheap 41 can of flat white spray paint over the black. so then i have no light in the bucket and white for reflection of heat. still cheap to do. Also i have begun to switch to round river rock pea gravel? since i do a drip system. i can buy it for $10 a 1/2 yard at atime in my truck. or a few wheel barrels worth which is alot. i pay $45 now for clay pellets. I'm terrible about re using the pellets, i seem to just buy more and store the old ones.

My buckets have two tomatoes out the bottom that are being trained dow the fence in opposite directions of each other and giant peppers out the top.
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