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Hi GpsFrontier, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was using the "Aggressive Growth" concentration suggested by GH. This was 15ml/gal. of FloraDou A and 5ml/gal. of FloraDou B. A few days ago I switched over to the "Transition" concentration which is more like you describe (10ml/gal. of FloraDuo A and 10ml/gal. of FloraDuo B). I've also been adding 1 Tbsp. of the CaliMagic (Calcium) supplement to the final volume (4 gal.) and giving the whole thing a good stir before pHing to ~6. The plant has now branched into 4 different stems off of the main stem but it still seems to be growing slowly. I have no fans on the plant and have also wondered if it isn't getting enough CO2 in my basement setting. So do you see a benefit to the 3 part nutrient system over the 2 part (Duo) system? I have 2 big air stones in there so I don't thing O2 is the issue and I have been using RO water so I know my nut. concentrations and ppms. Thanks for all of your considerations!
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