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Default Pepper plant Update

Ok so here's an update on the pepper plant. It seems to be doing well and is putting out flower buds but I have another question. Is there such a thing as too many leaves? I have attached some pics which actually don't do it justice (sorry, pics taken with crappy cell phone). Though the plant looks healthy with lush green leaves, if you dig a little deeper into the plant and under the outer foliage, there seems to be so much new growth that many of the newer leaves don't have anywhere to go and are just getting bunched up. There are so many branches and the plant is staying so compact that it almost looks like it is working against the plant. Should I think about pruning some of the extra branches out of the middle of the plant and, if so, is there a good rule of thumb? Or do I have the plant too close to the 100watt MH bulb, as you can see from the pic? And finally is there an ideal time to switch over to hps lighting? I want the plant to continue vegetative growth but if it's gonna start producing (bell) peppers then I want to maximize that too. Also, my nutrient schedule is the "transition phase" (10ml/gal each of the General Hydroponics FloraDuo A & B, for a ~1200ppm, in a DWC bucket). Thanks for any input!!
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