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Thank you for your reply. I'm relieved that you think the air pump and stones are adequate. They are winging their way to me now.

I believe I mentioned that I would be growing the tomatoes and cukes on the floor by the shelves. What I didn't explicitly state was that they were NOT being grown in water culture and would have their own lighting. The shelves are for the Kratky grown baby greens and DWC lettuce.

I had been led to believe from written references and word of mouth of DWC growers that one 65 watt (200 watt incandescent equivalent) cfl spiral bulb with a 6400K would be sufficient for about 1.5 square feet of vegetative growth when kept about 4-6 inches from the plants. I was planning on having two 65 watt (6400K), one 33 watt (6400K), and one 33 watt (2700K) on two the shelves which supplies about 196 watts per shelf (which measures 3.3 square feet per shelf).

The shelves are adjustable in height. The DWC containers are only between 4-6 inches high plus. I only grow loose leaf greens and harvest when they are not full height as they seem sweeter to me that way.

I can't post pictures yet since I'm still putting the shelves together and still waiting for some supplies to arrive and the seeds to sprout.

Thanks again for your help.
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