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The "GlowPanel45" LEDs I've been using are made in China.

They work fabulously.

With LEDs, the spectrum and how you use them makes all the difference.

If you prop them about 3 feet over your canopy, you get a bunch of half starved, lanky, plants with 36 inch internodal length.

If you keep them at no more than 6 inches over the canopy and they are of sufficient brightness for the type of plant you're growing, the plants will thrive, have super healthy foliage, tight internodal length and lots of fruit.

You should see some of the attempts I've seen. "Scarecrow" plants that looked like they were begging to be shot at dawn.

The best I've ever seen were a very short cherry tomato plant that was bushed out beautifully and had two pints of cherry tomatoes on it all year.

The guy was growing it on his bar with LEDs. The LEDs weren't in the pics and I don't recall what brand or size they were, but he proved it could be done wonderfully.
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